Member Benefits : Medical

Value Benefits Program
These "benefits are NOT INSURANCE, but are in fact actual discount and savings benefits that include the following discount products: dental, LASIK, Lab & imaging, 24/7 Nurse Hotline, Chriopractic, Vision, Hearing, Alternative Medicine, Spa-Quality Skincare, Over-the-Counter Meds. Only $6.95 per family, per month with a one-time $10 administration fee (non-refundable). For more information visit our website
Value Benefits Program



The ScriptSave card provides:
-- Prescription Savings - Instant discounts for your entire household on brand name and generic medications
-- Convenience - You receive the card at no cost, with no questionnaires, or pre-existing condition limitations, and the card is honored at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. Go to to find a location near you.
-- Exclusive Benefits – Free access to wellness information and further savings on over-the counter pharmacy products
-- Outstanding Service - Pharmacy locations, savings ranges or questions, please call 1(800)700-3957

For members with Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage, some coverage limitations may apply. Please check your policy for details.



QualSight offers a preferred LASIK pricing plan that saves members 40% to 55% off the national average rate of LASIK. Our network features hundreds of quality Board Certified Ophthalmologists with over 380 locations nationwide. Members call 1-877-507-4448 from 7 AM to 7 PM CST and a Care Manager explains the entire plan and answers your questions. For more information on Laser Vision Correction visit or call 1-877-507-4448.



Heartland Prescription Service & Medical SuppliesHeartland Prescription Service & Medical Supplies
Start saving on pharmaceutical products today. Call 1-800-228-3353 or visit



Beltone HearingBeltone Hearing
15% discount off the purchase of any Beltone hearing aid and a free hearing screening. Call 800-235-8663 or visit for the location nearest you.

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